Staging Setup

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The Performance/Speaking Area is ideally 20 feet wide and 8 feet deep, although flexible.  Please have the stage clean, and without visual obstruction of the stage surface.  Avoid having artwork, sets, props or music instruments in view behind the performance area.  A neutral and dark background is best.

Auditorium and Multi-Purpose Room Stage Lighting should be brilliant into Mr. Trivanovich's face, ideally covering 20 feet wide across the center of the proscenium.

In Multi-Purpose Rooms that have a low or no stage (less than 3'), nor bleachers, please seat the students directly on the floor without chairs.  This is so that the students can see Mr. Trivanovich's feet and while he is performing in a kneeling position.  Also, do not wrap the audience in a "horse-shoe" arrangement around Cary - they must not view the performance from the direct sides.

In Gymnasiums with bleacher seating, the audience must be seated only along one side.  If seating overflow on the gym floor, please seat them directly on the floor without chairs (Example Photo and Further Explanation).  This is so the students can see Mr. Trivanovich while he is performing low in a sitting or kneeling position.  Do not wrap the audience in a "horse-shoe" arrangement around Cary - they must not view the performance from the direct sides.  If floor seating exceeds 500 students, a portable stage is requested (but not required), ideally 20' wide, at least 8' deep, and 3' high.

Sound - Please provide a sound system adequate for the size of the room and a mic with a stand.  Cary uses music soundtracks which he prefers to operate if the sound system can be set-up on stage (or on the middle of the gym floor in gymnasiums).  Cary travels with his soundtracks on his laptop and has a variety of connection adaptors which he can plug into your sound system.  If your sound system cannot be set-up on the performance area for Cary to operate, please provide a sound technician to operate the school's CD player for him during the assembly.

Technical Prep - Please arrange for Cary a private 45 minute prep time with sound and lights prior to the assembly.

IN HIGH SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES HELD IN AUDITORIUMS, please arrange for a 60 minute uninterrupted, private rehearsal with sound and lighting technicians prior to the assembly.

If any concerns arise about the setup, please contact Mr. Trivanovich to discuss options.




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