Middle School Assemblies

Cary Trivanovich is an engaging speaker for middle school assemblies, mainly because his performance earns him so much respect that he can talk to them effortlessly.  You won't need to tell the students to be a "good audience" for this assembly, because as Priscilla Rasanen, Principal at Silverado Middle School in Roseville, California put it,

"Middle school audiences are a hard sell. You had them in the palm of your hand."
















"I have never seen the kids so silent and engaged."
Leona Sousa, School Counselor, Fortuna Middle, Fortuna, CA


Choose Kindness Over Bullying
This popular message goes beyond merely educating about bullying, but seeks to affect young teen hearts about their character and the well-being of others.  Focusing in on both school and cyber bullying, Cary exposes the self-centered mindset of bullying and the need for some to be somebody.  He gives helpful and practical advice to the bullied, and explains the importance and rewards of reporting bullying when being a witness to it.  Cary culminates his message with his very positive Friend Magnet discourse described below.

This message can de-emphasize the word "bullying" if you like, simply to avoid it as an overused expression.

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A Friend Magnet
Cary's introspective "Three Chairs" discourse, which serves well as a follow-up or alternative to an anti-bullying message, brings to light the qualities of a friend magnet - One who exhibits peer-respect and selflessness.


Drug Awareness
Ideal for Red Ribbon Week, Cary shares how his sister began dabbling with drugs in junior high school and has lived the consequences of that decision.   Cary tactfully speaks to this influential age about the dangers of drugs, why young teens take them, and gives inspiration about the rewards of good choices and the preciousness of life.


Designed mainly as a reward assembly for Renaissance or academic excellence, this is a short, positive message, which combined with his performance, encourages students about their potential for achievement with the pursuit of excellence.

The Length of Cary's Middle School Assemblies: Ideally 40-50 minutes, although flexible and can adapt to any timeframe between 30-60 minutes.


Prices for assemblies are inclusive - they include all travel; flight, car, lodging, meals, etc. - and vary from area to area, depending on location, date and area tours.  Please contact Mr. Trivanovich about prices and possible discount tours in your area.

No extra charge for two or three consecutive assemblies at a given school to accommodate separate assemblies for each grade or for combined schools sharing the same building.

Discounts are available for two schools booking together and sharing the same date.  An even further discount for 4+ schools booking consecutive days.



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