Cary Trivanovich
has been on the cutting-edge of speaking to students about bullying for three decades.

After his initial intention to merely perform in schools when he was a teen, Cary Trivanovich heeded the advice of his close friends who motivated him to add a message to his show.  Cary added some encouraging words to students who were victims of the "mean kids" at school.  This was in the early 80's, long before bullying came to the forefront of concern in America's schools.

Cary's unique way of reaching teens became so successful that he started receiving youth conference keynote invites.  Subsequently, his encouraging message grew in significant popularity through the years, speaking in schools throughout virtually every state.

Then, when "Bullying" became the universal catch-phrase for the problem of mean kids, and the hot topic for nearly all school speakers, Cary, as one administrator put it, "distanced himself from the pack of anti-bullying 'salesmen' who are everywhere."

Little did he know when he began performing as a teenager, that one day, some 4000 schools later, he would be America's leading school assembly program on Bullying.

Bullying in America's Schools

A unique perspective on BULLYING for educational, corporate, and community keynotes from America's leading speaker on bullying.



With the unique perspective of being a successful performer who was bullied during his childhood and young teen years, then touring his anti-bullying school assembly program to thousands of schools throughout the United States, while comparing notes with those administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, student leaders as well as psychologists and even bullies along the way, Cary Trivanovich offers unprecedented insight for a conference keynote address on "Bullying in America's Schools."

This keynote message includes short and long term remedies to eradicate bullying, and key reasons why bullying is so amplified today - reasons that have been abated among experts, but that are important for dealing with the problem.

But before he shares his message, you will enjoy portions of his performance.  You will definitely want to take advantage of seeing the performance that initially catapulted his success in school assemblies.  As Fred Fate, the former Chair of the Kennedy Center/ American College Theater Festival, Region VIII once described his performance,

"...setting standards of excellence that become a measuring stick to which others strive."

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