Elementary School Assemblies


Cary Trivanovich's elementary school assemblies consist of his acclaimed performance, mixing pantomime with verbal humor, followed by his message.  This assembly works for one simple reason: Cary's performance draws the kids' "pin-drop" respect, which sets the stage for his message to follow. 

Two assemblies to accommodate separating the younger and older elementary ages will be ideal - and at no extra charge.

"We vetted lots of assemblies so we would be sure to get the best one, and we definitely did!"
Sara Ahern, PTA, Las Flores Elementary, Rancho Santa Margarita, California



Choose Kindness Over Bullying
Cary gets kids to understand the self-centered mindset of bullying, the hurt that it causes and the importance of reporting bullying when being a witness to it.  Most importantly however, Cary's message focuses on the heart - To inspire kindness and to think about the well-being of others.  Cary also encourages the bullied with practical advice.  Cary culminates his message with his very positive Friend Magnet message described below.

This message can de-emphasize the word "bullying" if you like, simply to avoid it as an overused expression.

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A Friend Magnet
Cary's thought-provoking "Three Chairs" discourse, which serves well as a follow-up or alternative to an anti-bullying message, brings to light the qualities of a friend magnet - One who exhibits peer-respect and selflessness.


Good Choices
Ideal as a Red Ribbon Week message for elementary age students, Cary gets them thinking about the consequences or rewards they incur with the choices they make.


Designed mainly as a reward assembly for Renaissance or academic excellence, this is a short, positive message, which combined with his performance, encourages students about their potential for achievement with the pursuit of excellence.

The Length of Cary's Elementary School Assemblies is very adaptable to your ideal time-frame, although best between 40-50 minutes for upper grades, and 30-40 minutes for lower grades.


Prices for assemblies are inclusive (they include all travel; flight, car, lodging, meals, etc.) and vary from area to area, depending on location, date and area tours.  Please contact Mr. Trivanovich about prices and possible discount tours in your area.

No extra charge for two consecutive assemblies at a given school to accommodate separate assemblies for lower and upper grades.

Discounts are available for two schools booking together and sharing the same date (and an even further discount for 4+ schools booking consecutive days!).



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