Summer, 2017

I hear over and over from school administrators about school assembly performers "with a message" that have come to their schools, yet the performers' "messages" lacked substance.  Be assured that my message is substantial.  I am not just a performer, I am a conference speaker, and every time I step on stage my goal is to change lives.

You would be pleased with how my messages on Bullying and Peer-Respect have developed and grown, especially during the past few years.  Built from the foundation of enduring school bullying as a youth, spending 30 years speaking on the subject - even before bullying was the forefront of concern in America's schools - and comparing notes about bullying with school administrators, counselors, teachers, student leaders, parents, and even bullies along the way, I feel that my message on Bullying is second-to-none.  It doesn't use gimmicks, play games, or just teach about bullying.  It is a straightforward message aimed at affecting hearts about the importance of selflessness, kindness, and the well-being of others.  My message is effective for the simple reason that my performance earns my right to be heard.  They like me.  As a principal put it recently, "Cary's performance draws their respect."

Please contact my recent references and verify the worth of my assembly program with them.  Then, make one more contact, and let's set up a date at your school for the Fall.

Cary Trivanovich, School Speaker/Performer

"Your message was spot-on.  It's so hard to find an entertaining speaker whose message has substance.  You brought to our students exactly what we needed for them to hear in a way that they needed to hear it."

David St. Aubin, Principal,
Goodrich High, Goodrich, MI 


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